Gabions are easily assembled and quickly filled. They are flexible, versatile, economical, environmentally friendly and the finished product will make your property stand out from the crowd. All our baskets are triple life coated 95% zinc 5% aluminium and are approved to EN ISO 1461. Available in 4mm,5mm & 6mm wire and in either 5x20cm or 5x10cm mesh. All our Gabions are pre clipped together with stainless steel clips and prices shown include tie wire to fasten sides together. Advance enquiries also welcome. For a list of non standard sizes please either call or fill in enquiry form.

Wire diameter 6mm
5x20cm Mesh

Wire diameter 5mm
5x20cm Mesh

8070 EUR60 EUR
10085 EUR70 EUR
120100 EUR78 EUR
140115 EUR88 EUR
160130 EUR98 EUR
180145 EUR110 EUR
200160 EUR120 EUR
220175 EUR130 EUR
240190 EUR145 EUR
250205 EUR148 EUR

Gabions dimensions:

  • Length: L=250 cm
  • Height: H=80-250 cm (table)
  • Width: B=30-40cm

Sample commissions completed